Niklas Sundin

Rootsi muusik

Niklas Sundin (sündinud 13. augustil 1974 Rootsis) on Dark Tranquility ja Laethora kitarrist.

Niklas Sundin
Päritolu Göteborg, Rootsi
Stiilid heavy metal
Elukutse kitarrist
Tegev 1989–
Plaadifirma Century media, The end
Seotud esitajad Dark Tranquility, Laethora

Ta kirjutas sõnad kahele esimesele Dark Tranquility ja In Flamesi albumile ning jätkas Anders Frideni kirjutatud sõnade tõlkimist rootsi keelest inglise keelde, kuni Anders õppis inglise keelt.

Sundin on Cabin Fever Media rajaja, mis muuhulgas tegeleb ka metal'i-ansamblitele kunstitööde valmistamisega. Ta kirjastas hiljuti raamatu iseseisvatest kunstiteostest ja visanditest. Ta on kujundanud albumikaasi sellistele ansamblitele nagu In Flames, Arch Enemy, Sentenced, Kryptos ja Fragments of Unbecoming, ning samuti ka enda ansamblitele.

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Albumi esikaanedRedigeeri

...And oceans – A.M.G.O.D.
Ablaze my sorrow – Anger, Hate, Fury
Ajattara – ITSE
Ajattara – Kuolema
Ajattara – Tyhjyys
Agregator – A Semmi Ágán
Agregator – Szürkület
Alas – Absolute purity
Amethyst – Dea Noctilucae
Amortis – Gift of tongues
Andromeda – Extension Of The Wish
Andromeda – Crescendo of thoughts
Andromeda – Chimera
Arch Enemy – Wages of sin
Arch Enemy – Burning angel EP
Arch Enemy – Anthems of rebellion
Arch Enemy – Dead eyes see no future EP
Arch Enemy – Live doomsday DVD
Arise – The godly work of art
Arise – Kings of the cloned generation
Armageddon – Embrace The Mystery
As Memory Dies – Transmutate
Autumnblaze – DämmerElbenTragödie
Autumnblaze – Words are not what they seem
Callennish circle – Flesh power dominion
Callennish circle – My passion // Your pain
Callennish circle – Forbidden empathy
Ceremonial oath – The lost name of God EP
Charon – Tearstained
Charon – Downhearted
Charon – Little angel EP
Corporation 187 – Perfection in pain
Dark age – s/t
Dark Tranquillity – Haven
Dark Tranquillity – Projector
Dark Tranquillity – Skydancer/Of Chaos And Eternal Night
Dark Tranquillity – Haven
Dark tranquillity – Damage done
Dark tranquillity – Exposures
Dark tranquillity – Lost to apathy
Dark tranquillity – Character
Dark tranquillity – Fiction
Dawn of relic – Lovecraftian dark
Deadsoil – Sacrifice
Detonation – An epic defiance
Detonation – Portals to Uphobia
Dimension zero – Silent night fever
Dimension zero – This is hell
Dominion caligula – debut album
Dragonland – Astronomy
Dreamaker – Human device
Empyrium – Weiland
Enforsaken – The forever endeavour
Enter chaos – Aura noir
Enter my silence – Remotecontrolled scythe
Entwine – Gone
Entwine – New dawn (mcd)
Eternal Tears Of Sorrow – Chaotic Beauty
Eternal tears of sorrow – The virgin and the whore
Eternal tears of sorrow – The last one for life (EP)
Ethereal spawn – Ablaze in viral flames
Eventide – Caress the abstract (mcd)
Eventide – Promo 2000
Eventide – No place darker
Eventide – Diaries from the gallows
Eyetrap – Folk magic
Fields of Asphodel – Deathflower (mcd)
Flowing tears – Jade
Fragments of unbecoming – Sterling black icon
Gaia – s/t
Gardenian – Sindustries
Gardenian – Soulburner
Green Carnation – Journey to the end of the night
Green Carnation – Light of day, day of darkness
Green Carnation – The quiet offspring
Harm – Devil
Hypocrite – Edge Of Existence
In Flames – The tokyo showdown
In Flames – Reroute to remain
In Flames – Trigger
In Flames – Soundtrack to your escape
In Flames – The quiet place
Jeremy – Edge on the history
Jeremy – The 2nd advent
Kang in O – s/t
Kayser – Frame The World...Hang On the Wall
Kerozene – s/t
Kryptos – Sprial ascent
Lacrimas Produndere – Ave end
Last tribe – The uncrowned
Laethora – March of the parasite
Lost Horizon – Awakening the world
Love in the time of cholera – The sun through glass
Luciferion – The apostate
Lullacry – Be my god
Madrigal – Enticed (ep)
Madrigal – I die you soar
Mercenary – 11 dreams
Miscellany – s/t
Mirrored mind – At meridian
Moonsorrow – Suden udi
Mourning caress – Escape
My blood is fire – The end of innocence
Mörk gryning – Maelstrom chaos
Naglfar – Sheol
Narcissus – Crave and collapse
Nightrage – Sweet vengeance
Novembre – Classica
Opposite sides – Soul mechanics
Passenger – s/t
Passenger – In reverse (ep)
Pathos – Katharsis
Red aim – Niagara
Rockateers – Louder than ever (ep)
Sanctus – Aeon sky
Samadhi – Incandescence
Satanic slaughter – Banished to the underworld
Scaar – The Second Incision
Scylla – Mater dolorosa
Sentenced – Crimson
Sentenced – Killing me, killing you (ep)
Shadownation – Promo 2001
Silence – Enola
Silence – The P/O/U/R letters
Skyfall – s/t
Sleeping X – Sleeping X (demo ep)
Soultorn – Masks
Spiritual beggars – Demons
Sunset Sphere – Storm before silence
Supreme majesty – Tales of a tragic kingdom
Supreme majesty – Danger
Tactile gemma – s/t
The crest – Letters from fire
The forsaken – Traces of the past
The more I see – s/t
Thundra – Blood of your soul
Thyrane – Hypnotic
Thyrfing – Vansinnesvisor
Time requiem – The inner circle of reality
Turisas – Battle metal
Underthreat – Deathmosphere
Urban tales – Signs of times
Various artists – No fashion classics
Veneficum – Enigma prognosis
Vermin – Filthy f***ing vermin
Witchery – Symphony for the devil (USA versioon)
Within Y – Extended mental dimensions
Wolf – Wolf (german edition)
Wolf – Moonshine (ep)