Erinevus lehekülje "Winston Churchill" redaktsioonide vahel

P (→‎Välislingid: Jacqui Palumbo A rare Winston Churchill painting that was gifted to US President Franklin D. Roosevelt during World War II and eventually made its way into actor Angelina Jolie's collection has become the most expensive painting by the former British prime minister to sell at auction, fetching nearly £8.3 million ($11.5 million) after fees. The work, "Tower of Koutoubia Mosque," was sold March 1 by the Jolie Family Collection and features the long shadows and warm tones of ...)
* 1953 – [[Nobeli kirjandusauhind]]
* 1956 – [[Karl Suure auhind]]
* 1958 – [[Vabastusorden]]
* 2002 – [[BBC]] korraldatud 100 suurima briti valimisel sai Winston Churchill esimese koha