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*The image is non-free, in part, because the depicted work of architecture is non-free, per information by User:Kruusimägi. Estonia, AFAIK, does not have such an extension of works entering the Public Domain, if they were made by a serving military officer (as an image would in the United States, for example), which the ''execution of duties of employment'' correlates to. The building itself as a work of architecture will enter Public Domain in 2045. -<span style="text-shadow:7px 5px 7px #409fff;">[[Kasutaja:Mardus|Mardus]] <small>/[[Kasutaja arutelu:Mardus|<span style="color:black">arutelu</span>]]</small></span> 8. mai 2021, kell 08:11 (EEST)
:: Thank you all for your help and answers! --[[Kasutaja:Kisnaak|Kisnaak]] ([[Kasutaja arutelu:Kisnaak|arutelu]]) 8. mai 2021, kell 16:49 (EEST)
== Election Volunteers ==
Hello. I apologize for sending a message in English. Please help translate to your language.
As you already know, this year (July-August) there will be [[:m:Wikimedia Foundation Board noticeboard/2021-04-15 Resolution about the upcoming Board elections|an election]] to the [[:m:Wikimedia Foundation elections/2021|Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees]]. In this regard, the Wikimedia Foundation is trying to improve some parameters, including the WMF wants to improve the voter turnout. To do this, [[:m:Wikimedia Foundation elections/2021/2021-04-29/Call for Board Elections Volunteers|we are looking for volunteers]] from local communities to help us in this matter, as volunteers from specific communities know their community better.
Volunteers during elections should perform the following functions:
*Promote the election in their communities’ channels
*Organize discussions about the election in their communities
*Translate messages for their communities
Do you want to be an Election Volunteer and connect your community with this movement effort? [[:m:Wikimedia Foundation elections/2021/Election Volunteers|Check out more details about Election Volunteers]] and add your name next to the community you will support [[:m:Template:Wikimedia Foundation elections/2021/Election Volunteers/register|in this table]] or [[:m:Wikimedia Foundation elections/2021#Team|get in contact with a facilitator]].
Kindly. --[[Kasutaja:Mehman (WMF)|Mehman (WMF)]] ([[Kasutaja arutelu:Mehman (WMF)|arutelu]]) 9. mai 2021, kell 19:45 (EEST)