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== Ten years of Wikipedia in Asturian language ==
Excuse me for not speaking Estonian yet.
Oviedo, September 8, 2014
[[File:Asturianu en Candás 01.JPG|200px|thumbnail|right|Asturian is alive and in use.]]
Next September 12 and 13, the Asturian Wikipedia community of users will celebrate with the support of [ Wikimedia España] Chapter the tenth anniversary of Uiquipedia, the free encyclopedia in Asturian. The events will take place in Auditorio Príncipe Felipe (Plaza La Gesta, Oviedo).
The first article in Asturian was «Zazaki», a minority language spoken in Turkey. That first edit was in July 26, 2004. Ten years later, more than 800 000 edits have been made on almost 20 000 articles, and numbers are growing every day with the work of tens of volunteers. And it doesn’t stop there: other Wikimedia projects in Asturian have developed, such as Wikicionary, Wikisource and Wikiquote. Managed by Wikimedia Foundation, all of them make part of a global movement that started in 2001 when Wikipedia started with the goal of delivering freely all human knowledge.
To commemorate this date, Uiquipedia and Wikimedia España are carrying out two days of celebration events so that the projects in Asturian are better known. Literature, poetry music and traditions in Asturian will be present. It’s free and everybody is welcome. In addition, Wikimedia España will have its annual General Assembly in Oviedo.
[[:ast:Uiquipedia:Alcuentros/Celebración_del_10u_Aniversariu|See here the schedule of activities]].
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