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Welcome to the embassy of the Estonian Wikipedia! If you have any announcements or questions regarding international issues or the Estonian Wikipedia you are invited to post them here.
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Willkommen auf der Botschaft der estnischen Wikipedia. Fragen und Vorschläge zu internationalen Themen oder der estnischen Wikipedia können hier gepostet werden.
Mitteilung an die Botschaft
Bienvenue sur l'ambassade de la Wikipédia en estonien! Si vous avez des annonces ou des demandes concernant les questions internationales ou la Wikipédia estonienne, vous êtes invité à les signaler ici.
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Tervetuloa vironkielisen Wikipedian lähetystöön! Jos sinulla on vironkielistä Wikipediaa tai kansainvälisiä asioita koskevia ilmoituksia tai kysymyksiä, pyydämme sinua jättämään ne tänne.
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I would like to propose operating InternetArchiveBot on Estonian Wikipedia. The bot finds dead links on articles, adds links to archived versions where available, and it also adds links to books where it is appropriate. It is currently approved to do this for over 50 Wikimedia wikis. The bot can be configured and translated through the web interface. Please let me know of your thoughts. Harej (arutelu) 2. veebruar 2021, kell 22:25 (EET)

Harej, ae, could the bot do some test edits in here so that we could see how is it performing? Ivo (arutelu) 23. aprill 2021, kell 00:16 (EEST)
Kruusamägi, ae, I will run the bot for around 50 edits. Harej (arutelu) 23. aprill 2021, kell 00:41 (EEST)
[1] -- "archive-date" should not be yyyy-mm-dd, but dd-mm-yyyy (or even better: dd. monthname yyyy) Ivo (arutelu) 23. aprill 2021, kell 01:08 (EEST)
I'm not sure, that it should add archive links under the "External links" (Välislingid) section (example). Some of the pages there might have moved and it might be more reasonable to replace them with current links or remove them (but this broken link thing is pretty handy). Ivo (arutelu) 23. aprill 2021, kell 01:23 (EEST)
Ma arvan, et arhiivilinke peaks robot lisama ainult viidetesse. Häälestuslehel on esimene valik vist selle kohta ("Only links within references"). Peaks üle vaatama ka teised sätted (milliseid viitemalle robot kasutab ja lisab või kas lisab). Pikne 24. aprill 2021, kell 15:37 (EEST)
Inglise vikis olen ma täheldanud, et bot (minu meelest seesama) on võtnud mõnikord Internet Archive'i lingi maha, kui tema arust on algne leht üleval. See ei oleks väga halb, kui ta ei peaks toimivateks lehtedeks ka ebastandardseid veateateid, asendades toimiva lingi katkisega. Nii et kui võimalik, oleks seda funktsiooni ehk mõistlik vältida. --Ehitaja (arutelu) 9. mai 2021, kell 23:09 (EEST)
Muidu oleks vast hea selle botiga edasi minna? Kas kellelegi jääb silma veel mingeid probleemseid kohti? (peale selle, et bot ei tohiks välislinke mudida) Ivo (arutelu) 18. mai 2021, kell 01:42 (EEST)

Line numbering coming soon to all wikisRedigeeri

-- Johanna Strodt (WMDE) 12. aprill 2021, kell 18:08 (EEST)

Viidete eelvaade: Does Estonian Wikipedia want to be among the first wikis to get previews for references?Redigeeri

[Sorry, for writing in English. It would be great if you could add a translation.]

Reference Previews and Page Previews next to each other.

In the near future, editors and readers can get pop-ups for references in the same style as Page Previews: The feature called Reference Previews will soon be deployed to a first group of wikis as a default feature. Reference Previews show you a reference in a small pop-up when you hover over the reference number in square brackets. This way, you can look up a reference without jumping down to the bottom of the page. More than 2,000 people on et.wikipedia are currently testing Reference Previews as a beta feature. After many months of testing, bug fixing and other improvements, the feature will soon be enabled as a default feature on German, Arabic and Hebrew Wikipedia, probably on May 5.

Would Estonian Wikipedia also want to get the feature early? We were thinking it would be a good candidate because on Estonian Wikipedia, there is no default gadget for previewing references yet. (Here’s a link to translatewiki, where the interface of the feature can be translated).

If you want to know more about the feature, please have a look at the project page or write me a message on my talk page. We would be very happy to have Estonian Wikipedia on board! -- For the Technical Wishes team at Wikimedia Germany, Johanna Strodt (WMDE) (talk) 21. aprill 2021, kell 12:09 (EEST)

Kasutan seda funktsiooni inglise vikis, päris mõnus. Mina vist küll hääletaks poolt. Mida arvame? --Vihelik (arutelu) 22. aprill 2021, kell 12:41 (EEST)
Mulle meeldiks.--Sillerkiil (arutelu) 22. aprill 2021, kell 12:51 (EEST)
Tundub mugav, pooldan.--AamleppoK (arutelu) 22. aprill 2021, kell 21:35 (EEST)
Jah LB (arutelu) 22. aprill 2021, kell 21:42 (EEST)
Tundub mõistlik. Ivo (arutelu) 23. aprill 2021, kell 00:00 (EEST)
Poolt, beetana kasutan juba nagunii. - Neptuunium ❯❯❯ arutelu 23. aprill 2021, kell 13:35 (EEST)
Johanna Strodt (WMDE), ae, so far 5/5 in favor (and that is pretty good considering that normally nobody in here hardly ever even looks into the embassy, as most of the messages are not that interesting). Ivo (arutelu) 23. aprill 2021, kell 00:19 (EEST)
Wonderful! Thanks and welcome on board. A few days before the deployment, I'll post another info here, so it won't be a surprise. -- Best, Johanna Strodt (WMDE) (arutelu) 26. aprill 2021, kell 15:23 (EEST) Sorry, I overlooked that the decision phase isn't over yet. I'll come back on April 28 to see what the decision is. -- Best, Johanna Strodt (WMDE) (arutelu) 26. aprill 2021, kell 18:40 (EEST)

Ootame veel nädala ja siis otsustame. --Vihelik (arutelu) 23. aprill 2021, kell 11:35 (EEST)

Tundub, et funktsioon leiab juba eestikeelses vikipeedias rakendust. LB (arutelu) 23. aprill 2021, kell 11:47 (EEST)
Beetafunktsioonide alt saab seda valida. Ma ise olin ka selle mingi aeg inglise vikis leidnud ja sisse lülitanud. Ma ei näe, et see kuidagi destruktiivne vms oleks. Pigem igati mugav ning seega võiks see vabalt kõikidele vaikimisi võimaldatud olla. Ivo (arutelu) 23. aprill 2021, kell 11:58 (EEST)
Kui see vaikimisi sisse lülitatakse, kas siis saab valida, et oleks välja lülitatud? Mina isiklikult eelistan neid eelvaateid (nii viidetel kui ka linkidel) mitte kasutada, valikuvõimalus oleks tore. Adeliine 24. aprill 2021, kell 11:27 (EEST)
Peaks saama, vt m:WMDE Technical Wishes/ReferencePreviews#Opt-out feature. Pikne 24. aprill 2021, kell 15:37 (EEST)
Ma ise seda ei kasutaks, kuna eelvaade nõuab vahel liigselt ressursse ja muudab asja aeglasemaks, ent võimalusena on see kindlasti hea; võimaldab kergemini surnud linke märgata. - Melilac (arutelu) 25. aprill 2021, kell 09:05 (EEST)
Ma arvan, et nädalat ei tarvitse oodata, kui praeguseks keegi otseselt vastu pole ja kui arendajad soovivad otsust varem. Erilist vahet vist niikuinii pole, kas need eelvaated lülitatakse vaikimisi sisse nüüd veidike varem või siis veidike hiljem, kui seda tehakse kõigis vikides. Pikne 24. aprill 2021, kell 15:37 (EEST)

Andsin teada, et soovime. --Vihelik (arutelu) 25. aprill 2021, kell 12:41 (EEST)

Hello! The deployment of the Reference Preview feature on the first group of Wikis is now approaching. It is going to be on the 5th of May. Few interface text elements are still missing in the translation here. It would be wonderful to have them before the deployment. Thank you! -- For the Technical Wishes Team at Wikimedia Germany, Timur Vorkul (WMDE) (arutelu) 3. mai 2021, kell 20:09 (EEST)

Suggested ValuesRedigeeri

Timur Vorkul (WMDE) 22. aprill 2021, kell 17:08 (EEST)

Election VolunteersRedigeeri

Hello. I apologize for sending a message in English. Please help translate to your language.

As you already know, this year (July-August) there will be an election to the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees. In this regard, the Wikimedia Foundation is trying to improve some parameters, including the WMF wants to improve the voter turnout. To do this, we are looking for volunteers from local communities to help us in this matter, as volunteers from specific communities know their community better.

Volunteers during elections should perform the following functions:

  • Promote the election in their communities’ channels
  • Organize discussions about the election in their communities
  • Translate messages for their communities

Do you want to be an Election Volunteer and connect your community with this movement effort? Check out more details about Election Volunteers and add your name next to the community you will support in this table or get in contact with a facilitator.

Kindly. --Mehman (WMF) (arutelu) 9. mai 2021, kell 19:45 (EEST)

Universal Code of Conduct News – Issue 1Redigeeri

Universal Code of Conduct News
Issue 1, June 2021Read the full newsletter

Welcome to the first issue of Universal Code of Conduct News! This newsletter will help Wikimedians stay involved with the development of the new code, and will distribute relevant news, research, and upcoming events related to the UCoC.

Please note, this is the first issue of UCoC Newsletter which is delivered to all subscribers and projects as an announcement of the initiative. If you want the future issues delivered to your talk page, village pumps, or any specific pages you find appropriate, you need to subscribe here.

You can help us by translating the newsletter issues in your languages to spread the news and create awareness of the new conduct to keep our beloved community safe for all of us. Please add your name here if you want to be informed of the draft issue to translate beforehand. Your participation is valued and appreciated.

  • Affiliate consultations – Wikimedia affiliates of all sizes and types were invited to participate in the UCoC affiliate consultation throughout March and April 2021. (continue reading)
  • 2021 key consultations – The Wikimedia Foundation held enforcement key questions consultations in April and May 2021 to request input about UCoC enforcement from the broader Wikimedia community. (continue reading)
  • Roundtable discussions – The UCoC facilitation team hosted two 90-minute-long public roundtable discussions in May 2021 to discuss UCoC key enforcement questions. More conversations are scheduled. (continue reading)
  • Phase 2 drafting committee – The drafting committee for the phase 2 of the UCoC started their work on 12 May 2021. Read more about their work. (continue reading)
  • Diff blogs – The UCoC facilitators wrote several blog posts based on interesting findings and insights from each community during local project consultation that took place in the 1st quarter of 2021. (continue reading)

--MediaWiki message delivery (arutelu) 12. juuni 2021, kell 02:06 (EEST)

Wikimania 2021: Individual Program SubmissionsRedigeeri

Dear all,

Wikimania 2021 will be hosted virtually for the first time in the event's 15-year history. Since there is no in-person host, the event is being organized by a diverse group of Wikimedia volunteers that form the Core Organizing Team (COT) for Wikimania 2021.

Event Program - Individuals or a group of individuals can submit their session proposals to be a part of the program. There will be translation support for sessions provided in a number of languages. See more information here.

Below are some links to guide you through;

Please note that the deadline for submission is 18th June 2021.

Announcements- To keep up to date with the developments around Wikimania, the COT sends out weekly updates. You can view them in the Announcement section here.

Office Hour - If you are left with questions, the COT will be hosting some office hours (in multiple languages), in multiple time-zones, to answer any programming questions that you might have. Details can be found here.

Best regards,

MediaWiki message delivery (arutelu) 16. juuni 2021, kell 07:18 (EEST)

On behalf of Wikimania 2021 Core Organizing Team

Editing news 2021 #2Redigeeri

24. juuni 2021, kell 17:13 (EEST)

Server switchRedigeeri

SGrabarczuk (WMF) 27. juuni 2021, kell 04:19 (EEST)

2021 Board of Trustees electionRedigeeri

The 2021 Board of Trustees election opens 4 August 2021. Candidates from the community were asked to submit their candidacy. After a three week long call for candidates, there are 20 candidates for the 2021 election.

The Wikimedia movement has the opportunity to vote for the selection of community-and-affiliate trustees. The Board is expected to select the four most voted candidates to serve as trustees. Voting closes 17 August 2021.

The Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees oversees the Wikimedia Foundation's operations. The Board wants to improve their competences and diversity as a team. They have shared the areas of expertise that they are currently missing and hope to cover with new trustees.

How can you get involved?

Read the full announcement.


On behalf of the Elections Committee

MNadzikiewicz (WMF) (arutelu) 3. juuli 2021, kell 13:56 (EEST)

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