1. Ära roni võõrasse nimeruumi. Kasutaja isiklik nimeruum on tema asi. 2. Ära solgi pooleliolevat tööd, kui sa oled piisavalt loll, et sellest aru ei saa.

Oop, ole sa ka vakka. Ja ega rootslane sinu eestikeelsest jutust aru ei saa. Ivo (arutelu) 1. juuni 2014, kell 03:37 (EEST)


I reply here instead of on Meta because I think that there is a bigger change that local contributors will read it. First I would like to thank for your nice message on my Meta talk page and above. I have a clue. And it's not so nice to call someone stupid, and on most wikis it's against etiquette and would result in a warning or a block.
On some wikis they have described what type of redirect is OK and what type of redirect should be avoided. I couldn't see this described on Vikipeedia:Ümbersuunamine although my knowledge in Estonian is limited. That is why I marked two of the paged for deletion so an admin could have a look at it. The content of the page is still there. Note that I didn't do anything about the majority of the pages. I could have brought this issue up to the community in a different way, and I'm sorry if I offended anyone with the method that I used. -- Tegel (arutelu) 1. juuni 2014, kell 13:37 (EEST)