Hi! Thank you for your assistance!

There is a problem with the year articles. Have you noticed that in some 'pedias there is a lot of year (and century and decade) stubs with no substantial content. How to avoid linking to them? Andres 00:30, 4 Jan 2004 (UTC)

That's a hard one. The only thing that can be seen 'automatical' would be the length of the page. However, for this case that would hardly help, because often the bare standard format with links to surrounding years, the century, etcetera already is quite long, so stopping these would also stop quite a number of valid links. You could do a check by hand, but I think that that is more trouble than it's worth. Andre Engels 01:10, 4 Jan 2004 (UTC)
I propose excluding the year articles from the domain of Robbot action. Otherwise it would restore the useless links. Andres 01:16, 4 Jan 2004 (UTC)
Ok, I can do that. Andre Engels 11:16, 16 Jan 2004 (UTC)

Again, please don't add interwiki links to such pages as ru:1, containing no substantial information. Andres 14:47, 24 Jun 2004 (UTC)

interwiki sorting


Hi! It seems to me that Robbot is using language codes for sorting interwiki links. Please note Vikipeedia:Saatkond#Interwiki guidelines.

In case you find helpful, I have in my "homepage" some links for language sorting (comments are in Estonian, let me know if you need help). Please note that there are differencies between them.

FYI: Based on these, correcting the orders, I've made this one for helping to sort languages' links manually. (You can find the list of language codes sorted by language names by clicking on "show language codes"). --TarmoK 14:51, 17 mai 2005 (UTC)

FYI: nb: is now no: and ja: is after nl: (refering to Norra meri) --TarmoK 5 juuli 2005 20:53 (UTC)
The sorting will now be on the alphabetical order, which for the bot has been defined as:
The no/nb issue is a harder decision, which I would rather not change for a single language, but have a general decision over.
If there are still problems, questions or remarks, the best way to reach me is through my Dutch userpage. - Andre Engels 17:38, 10 juuli 2005 (UTC)
nb: has been changed back to no: now as well. - Andre Engels 18:07, 10 juuli 2005 (UTC)