Hi, Makenzis! It would be preferred, if you could make a bit less small edits, as that would make it easier to follow up recent changes page. I.e stuff like that where many edits could easily be combined into one. Thank you! Ivo (arutelu) 19. aprill 2022, kell 12:20 (EEST)

Hi, thank you for helping. I know all that things, not first time in wiki, but it`s Naiste, and Mängijad. I can`t do all that simply way, re-uploading from EN_wiki or LT_wiki as copy+paste, so doing evertything from official sources like MFA Žalgiris official site or lietuvosfutbolas.lt /// Without copy+paste function it takes too much time and changes. And in sources we have one info and in another a little bit another. I want to do that pages pretty nice and more informative as possible. Makenzis (arutelu) 19. aprill 2022, kell 12:31 (EEST)

No need to remove old info unless you add an updated players list. If those were the players in 2019, then this is still a valid information. Ivo (arutelu) 4. juuni 2022, kell 08:26 (EEST)

In ET_wiki we can found articles without inboxes, reflists, links. But wikipedians want to be so smart. Some uploading one sentence like Footbal club x from town x and squad, nothing more. I think it`s some kind of the simuliation, that everything is fine. At real, that`s only illiusion. I know, that in ET_wiki we can`t make easy way to upload from EN, need to re-make in estonian standart. I think, that we waisting time for League 2 club`s. To much le honeur for them. And if you see still valid information, make it valid for a long time.... maybe you can create new skill, like famous players (if you have that person in ET_wiki), but you want keep all that arhiiv ja vananenud teabega antiikesemed. For me intresting how looks like T-shirts of club`s in 2010, ealiest and latest years, but if i want to see all that changes, i can creat skill kit changes. Now you defending old information as very useful and needful. Lahendust on vaja. Ärge töötage teabega, mis kiiresti vananeb ja piinatakse. You can use just valid information, not all squad. It`s a question: are that long lists of no-name players is very important for you personaly and wiki community? /// By the way, you had a chance to see how i working. I created estonian Naiste teams in LT_wiki, and all the time had one wish, that in ET_wiki someone could make all that Naiste more informative. Best regards. Makenzis (arutelu) 4. juuni 2022, kell 11:36 (EEST)
I'm not saying that it is super useful to still have a list of players who were on the team a few years ago. I'm just saying, that this is better than nothing.
I'd prefer to not even have articles, that lack useful information. But as you may notice in this language version, then there are people who have other preferences on that topic. Ivo (arutelu) 5. juuni 2022, kell 00:45 (EEST)
Dear Ivo, i understand what do you wanna say, but better than nothing sometimes looks terrible (lt:Esta Tallinn// Tallinna SÜ Esta). Zero info, zero links and not useful. In LT_wiki we have 34 estonian football clubs STUB type. Some of them defunct 60 years ago. Hopeless to do something more. I deleted in 2022 year squads of 2006 or 2011. Wikipedia is not recycle bin for garbage. And people looking for information in oficial sites. Wiki sometimes helps, but dead links, and not freshed info not helps. Makenzis (arutelu) 5. juuni 2022, kell 01:16 (EEST)