Hello, Gardmanahay! Andres (arutelu) 27. juuli 2015, kell 21:50 (EEST)Vasta

Hello my friend. Come to Armenia :) or I will fly to Estonia after a few years. Your country is very good place, I like it. What are you doing? All right?--Gardmanahay (arutelu) 31. juuli 2015, kell 20:27 (EEST)Vasta
I was to Armenia last autumn, was received by Susanna.
Thank you for the carpet! Andres (arutelu) 1. august 2015, kell 05:42 (EEST)Vasta

Request muuda


Could you translate hy:Ադրբեջանական խոհանոց and create the Estonian version Aserbaidžaani köök in Estonian Wikipedia?

Thank you.

Yes, but in a few days.--Gardmanahay (arutelu) 26. jaanuar 2016, kell 20:26 (EET)Vasta