Hi! Please don't add English descriptions to images. The name and the year in parentheses is enough. Please use [[Pilt:|pisi|]].--Morel (arutelu) 19. mai 2012, kell 00:44 (EEST)

Please don't correct Estonian interpunctuation if you're not familiar with the language.--Morel (arutelu) 19. mai 2012, kell 00:52 (EEST)

Üks lause on ikka natuke liiga napp artikli jaoks.--Kyng (arutelu) 12. juuni 2012, kell 17:50 (EEST)

If you mass add article stubs on actors, at least make sure the information you enter is correct (for example, don't categorize US actors as Canadian ones). --Morel (arutelu) 12. juuni 2012, kell 20:46 (EEST)