Egīls Belševics - Riga, Latvia
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For people in Estonian Wikipedia. I don't know Estonian and use machine translation to it in my test page only for helping for somebody, knowing Estonian but not knowing Wikipedia :) I hope he will translate some texts to normal Estonian at future.

I've been working in Latvian texts mostly about:

  • ITHF table hockey
  • Mushrooms
  • Photos of streets and architectural heritage of Latvia

Until this time, I wrote in Latvian Wiki almost only. The Russian Wiki had too much political engagement at time when I attempted be active there, and my English is not in needed level for the English Wiki. But maybe I will change it. After my participation in #100wikidays (link in Latvian), devoted for mushrooms mostly, I see that some articles about mushrooms species in English don't exist or are so stub that it is better even with my poor English to create/improve them.

100 days in Internet without interruptions weren't easy to me, and I started now another challenge in my own form. It is "1,000,000 more bytes at 200 days",(link in Latvian) both new pages and improving at 15/VI-31/XII 2019. No everyday duties, only the result. It give me more time for quality of texts - I had a trouble with everyday writing.