The Soul of Rock and Roll

"The Soul of Rock and Roll" on 2008. aastal avaldatud plaadikogumik (box set) Roy Orbisoni loomingu ülevaatega läbi nelja aastakümne. Karbis on 4 CD-plaati. Kogumiku andis välja Sony Music Entertainmenti divisjon Legacy Recordings. Kogumikul on ka mitu varem avaldamata salvestist ning laulude demoversioone. Kogumikul on ka kaks päeva enne Roy Orbisoni surma tehtud kontsertsalvestis laulust "It's Over".


Nr Esitaja Pealkiri
1 The Teen Kings "Ooby Dooby"
2 The Wink Westerners "Hey! Miss Fannie"
3 The Teen Kings "A True Love Goodbye"
4 The Teen Kings "An Empty Cup And A Broken Date"
5 The Teen Kings "Tryin' To Get To You"
6 The Teen Kings "Tutti Frutti" (varem avaldamata)
7 teadmata Overton Park Shelli kontserdi reklaam
8 Roy Orbison "Ooby Dooby"
9 Roy Orbison "Cat Called Domino"
10 Roy Orbison "Go! Go! Go!"
11 Roy Orbison "Rockhouse"
12 Roy Orbison 1956 Guitar Pull Medley: "I Want You, I Need You, I Love You" / "I Was The One" / "That's All Right" / "Mary Lou" / "You're My Baby" (varem avaldamata)
13 Roy Orbison "You're My Baby"
14 Roy Orbison "Mean Little Mama"
15 Roy Orbison "Problem Child"
16 Roy Orbison "One More Time" (demo)
17 Roy Orbison "You're Gonna Cry"
18 Roy Orbison "It's Too Late"
19 Roy Orbison "Sweet And Easy To Love"
20 Roy Orbison "This Kind Of Love"
21 Roy Orbison "Claudette" (demo)
22 Roy Orbison "You Tell Me" (demo)
23 Roy Orbison "Night Owl" (demo) (varem avaldamata)
24 Roy Orbison "Bad Cat" (demo) (varem avaldamata)
25 Roy Orbison "I Give Up" ((demo) (varem avaldamata)
26 Roy Orbison "Love Struck" (demo) (varem avaldamata)
27 Roy Orbison "Baby Don't Stop" (demo) (varem avaldamata)
28 Roy Orbison "Defeated" (demo) (varem avaldamata)
29 Roy Orbison "Love Storm" (demo) (varem avaldamata)
30 Roy Orbison "Almost Eighteen"
31 Roy Orbison "With The Bug"
32 Roy Orbison "Pretty One"


Kõikide lugude esitaja on Roy Orbison

Nr Pealkiri
1 "Uptown"
2 "Only The Lonely"
3 "Blue Angel"
4 "In Dreams"
5 "Running Scared"
6 "I'm Hurtin'"
7 "(I'd Be) A Legend In My Time"
8 "Love Hurts"
9 "Lana"
10 "Crying"
11 "Candy Man"
12 "Night Life"
13 "(They Call You) Gigolette"
14 "Let The Good Times Roll"
15 "Blue Bayou"
16 "Wedding Day"
17 "Dream Baby"
18 "Evergreen"
19 "Working For The Man"
20 "The Crowd"
21 "Leah"
22 "The Actress"
23 "Borne On The Wind"
24 "Falling"
25 "Indian Wedding"
26 "Shahdaroba"
27 "All I Have To Do Is Dream"
28 "Mama"
29 "Pretty Paper"

CD 3Redigeeri

Kõikide lugude esitaja on Roy Orbison, välja arvatud "That Lovin' You Feelin' Again", mis on duett Emmylou Harrisega.

Nr Pealkiri
1 "Mean Woman Blues"
2 "What'd I Say" (Live)
3 "It's Over"
4 "Oh, Pretty Woman"
5 "Yo Te Amo Maria"
6 "Goodnight"
7 "(Say) You're My Girl"
8 "Ride Away"
9 "Crawling Back"
10 "Breakin' Up Is Breakin' My Heart"
11 "Too Soon To Know"
12 "Communication Breakdown"
13 "Walk On"
14 "So Young" (filmist "Zabriskie Point")
15 "Blue Rain (Coming Down)"
16 "Big As I Can Dream"
17 "Pistolero" (filmist "The Fastest Guitar Alive")
18 "The Fastest Guitar Alive" (filmist "The Fastest Guitar Alive")
19 "Precious" (demo) (varem avaldamata)
20 "Unchained Melody"
21 "Land Of 1000 Dances" (Live) (varem avaldamata)
22 "Blues In My Mind"
23 "Born To Love Me"
24 "That Lovin' You Feelin' Again" (koos Emmylou Harrisega) (filmist "Roadie")
25 "Hound Dog Man"


Nr Esitaja Pealkiri
1 Roy Orbison "Coming Home"
2 Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis & Carl Perkins "Waymore's Blues"
3 Roy Orbison "Oh, Pretty Woman"
4 Roy Orbison "In Dreams" (filmist "Blue Velvet")
5 The Traveling Wilburys "Not Alone Any More"
6 Roy Orbison "You Got It"
7 Roy Orbison "She's A Mystery To Me"
8 Roy Orbison "California Blue"
9 Roy Orbison "A Love So Beautiful"
10 Roy Orbison "(All I Can Do Is) Dream You" (Live)
11 Roy Orbison "Oh, Pretty Woman" (Live)
12 Roy Orbison "Heartbreak Radio"
13 Roy Orbison "You're The One"
14 Roy Orbison & k.d. lang "Crying"
15 Roy Orbison "After The Love Has Gone"
16 Roy Orbison "I Drove All Night"
17 Roy Orbison "Wild Hearts Run Out Of Time" (filmist "Insignificance")
18 Roy Orbison "You May Feel Me Crying" (filmist "The End Of Violence")
19 Roy Orbison "Life Fades Away" (filmist "Less Than Zero")
20 Roy Orbison "It's Over" (Live) (varem avaldamata)
21 Roy Orbison "We'll Take The Night"