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Martin Maiste (5. jaanuar 1912 Sürgavere, Viljandimaa3. juuli 1991 Viljandi) oli Eesti maadleja.

Tiit Madalvee
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Riik Eesti
Sünniaeg 5. jaanuar 1912
Sünnikoht Sürgavere
Surmaaeg 3. juuli 1991
Surmakoht Viljandi
Spordiklubi Viljandi Tulevik
NSVL meistrivõistlused
Pronks 1941 Lviv Kreeka-Rooma maadlus

A hero Martin participated and made refugees during World War II

Martin was involved in picking up refugees with Johannes Bombas and Arnold Lemberg from Estonia to Sweden relatives and others with a motor boat

Is there a story in an Act XVII F security police archive in Sweden

They started March 6, 1944 from Sandhamn and reached Dagö / Hiiumaa the following day.

Then they contacted their own and gathered them at the agreed place since the trip to Sweden on March 23, 1944.

But a hard storm came and one went to Hanko Finland which they reached that evening.

There, they were taken care of by the Finnish police together with them 33 refugees But since the Swedish Consulate, all were placed on the S / S Arecturus on 28 March 1944 for travel to Sweden

Will search a bit more in the archives about Martin in Stockholm Bert-Ola Söderlund