Mall:Image class


Malli dokumentatsioon

This template has an image name as unnamed parameter and produces

class="metadata dummy"

if the image is in a list of placeholder images. This allows users to use CSS to suppress the display of placeholder images with the CSS:

.dummy {display: none}

Usage, if the parameter {{{image}}} is used for the image name:

<span {{image class|{{{image}}}}}>[[Image:{{{image}}}|..]]</span>

In a table:

|{{image class|{{{image}}}}} | [[Image:{{{image}}}|..]]

Templates in which this templates is called: [1].

Some templates use the whole image tag as parameter, so they use:

<span {{image class|{{{image_tag_parameter}}}}}>{{{image_tag_parameter}}}</span>

In a table:

|{{image class|{{{image_tag_parameter}}}}} | {{{image_tag_parameter}}}

For placeholder images used in these templates the list of placeholder images in this template contains the tags used.