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Üritan siin teha pisikest nupukest, mis suudaks "Wikipedia Signposti" uudisteläve ületada (arvan, et päris hea oleks "News and notes" alalõiku pääseda sellega). Loodan kõigilt igakülgset abi. Pealkirjaks pakuksin esialgu "Note from Estonian Wikipedia".

Note from Estonian WikipediaRedigeeri

These days, the Estonian Wikipedians could celebrate the 45'000th article and 6'500th user (27 (0,42%) of them have administrator tools); also the 4'700th media file was uploaded.

The Estonian Wikipedia still has no approved administrator election rules (that could be one of the reasons why only one administrator was proposed in 2007). The first administrator candidate in 2008 had the most FOR-votes in the history of the Estonian Wikipedia, that's why he was elected without approved election rules.

In April and May 2007 it was under attacks caused by the Bronze Night. In the English Wikipedia the Estonian flag was replaced by the Nazi flag; the Estonian Wikipedia had attacks like this for almost a week.

Media in Estonia has quoted Estonian Wikipedia more and more every month. Its editors had their first meeting in December 2007 and also that was reflected in media.

In January 2008 there has been a media debate on two big paper encyclopedias along with their on-line versions about to be published and Vikipeedia has had more attention from media than usually.