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::: Ei ole ühtegi ju. ([ Loend]). [[Kasutaja:Cumbril|Cumbril]] ([[Kasutaja arutelu:Cumbril|arutelu]]) 25. detsember 2018, kell 17:00 (EET)
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== How's ORES working out for you? ==
Hi Cumbril! I'm working on a research study to look into how [[:mw:ORES]] is working out on wikis where it has been enabled. I was wondering how the ORES filters have been working for you, if you use any tools because Special:RecentChanges to take advantage of them, and what other observations you have about how they are working. --[[Kasutaja:EpochFail|EpochFail]] ([[Kasutaja arutelu:EpochFail|arutelu]]) 5. juuni 2019, kell 23:38 (EEST)