Disassembleri abil tõlgitakse masinkood assemblerkeelde.

Kuna masinkood ja assemblerkeel on üks-ühele seotud, siis on kindel, et assembler, mille keel on vastava disassembleri poolt genereeritava koodiga ühilduv, viib programmi pärast muudatusi jälle esialgsele kujule tagasi.

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  • Interactive Disassembler - A commercial, interactive disassembler.
  • BORG Disassembler with source code
  • RosAsm - 32 bit Assembler (The Bottom Up Assembler which is free and GPLed). Although this tool is basically an assembler, it also contains a very powerful (though automated) disassembler that is able to rebuild a huge variety of small applications. Support for disassembly of larger applications is under development.
  • Sourcer - A disassembler based on definition files.
  • The Bastard Disassembler - Linux disassembler. Doesn't have a usable front-end yet, but it does have an interactive command-line mode.
  • The Libasm from the ELF shell (elfsh) comes with advanced symbol resolving features
  • Kopi Project
  • DASMx - A freeware disassembler for a range of common (mostly 8-bit) microprocessors. Multi-pass operation together with code threading to help distinguish code from data.
  • PVDasm - Proview (PVDasm) is an online free interactive disassembler, Multi-Cpu (x86/Chip8) Disassembler. with features such as: PE-Editor, Process Manager and Dumper, Plugin SDK, MASM Source Code Generator, MAP File analysis, Hex Editor, Function Param Recognition and more.
  • HT Editor - Binary editor for Linux and Windows console.
  • PE Explorer Disassembler - a win32 PE file disassembler designed to reconstruct the assembly language source code of target binary win32 PE (Portable Executable) files such as .EXE, .DLL, Device Drivers (.SYS), OCX Controls, and Borland Libraries (.dpl & .bpl).
  • Udis86 Udis86 is an easy-to-use minimalistic disassembler library for the x86 and x86-64 (AMD64) range of instruction set architectures, designed to aid software development projects that entail binary code analysis.
  • diStorm64 diStorm is an open source highly optimized stream disassembler library for 80x86 and AMD64.
  • PostSharp - Disassembles .NET modules to an object model, lets you modify it and assembles it back.
  • OllyDbg - Free, small (only one megabyte) and very complete disassembler/debugger for Win32 applications.
  • ChARMeD Disassembler - A freeware Windows Mobile, Pocket PC and Windows CE executable disassembler and assembler for CPUs using the ARM instruction set. There is a Windows desktop version and a Windows Mobile/Pocket PC version.
  • Win32 Program disassembler - Open source disassembler for exes and dlls (i.e. PE) written by Professor Sang Cho.
  • BIEW - BIEW is Binary vIEW project. Highlights AVR/Java/Athlon64/Pentium 4/ disassemblers.