Meet the Fucking Bedwetters

(Ümber suunatud leheküljelt Meet the fucking Bedwetters)

"Meet the f#cking Bedwetters" on ansambli Bedwetters debüütalbum, mille 20. aprillil 2009 andis välja Rootsi plaadifirma I Can Hear Music.


  1. "Intro"
  2. "Nightlight On-Off"
  3. "Like A Deck Of Cards"
  4. "Someone Worthless"
  5. "Long.Some.Distance"
  6. "So Long Nanny!"
  7. "Every Once In A While"
  8. "Source Of Inspiration"
  9. "Break The Silence"
  10. "General Townsafe"
  11. "Dark Circus"
  12. "Dead End"
  13. "Mighty Heaven"
  14. "Just In Case"