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This template is to be used in the "Professional reviews" section of {{Albumi info}}, for reviews by Robert Christgau. To display just the ratings symbols used by Christgau in print (without the links), use {{Rating-Christgau}}.

Simple examplesRedigeeri


return the following

All parametersRedigeeri

  |reiting  =
  |album    =
  |esitaja  =
  |nimi     = 
  |cgurl    =
  |arvustus =

Required parametersRedigeeri

Two parameters are required: a rating, and an external Consumer Guide link as a citation for that rating.


reiting = Consumer Guide rating. If no reiting parameter is supplied, first unnamed parameter will be used.

Acceptable values:

Valid input and generated output
Input Output Selgitus
A (A) letter grade
A+ (A+) letter grade
hm1 (* honorable mention) * honorable mention
hm2 (** honorable mention) ** honorable mention
hm3 (*** honorable mention) *** honorable mention
neither (neither) neither
cut (choice cut) choice cut
dud (dud) dud
turkey (turkey) turkey
nr no rating
invalid INVALID invalid input

In some cases, Chrisgau changes his rating — if so, use the final grade. If no Consumer Guide rating exists, do not use this template.

Consumer Guide linkRedigeeri

Any of the following parameters can be used: album, esitaja, nimi, cgurl.

This provides a URL for Consumer Guide capsule review as a citation for the rating. Link the final version of this review (as used in artist listing on; do not use an early version from the Consumer Guide column unless it is the only published version (highly unlikely).

album – uses the numeric ID of the "get_album" query page from

From, we get

{{Christgau arvustus|A-|album=411}}

...which returns

Robert Christgau (A-) link

The album parameter will take priority over any other option. However, since this ID is not always easy to find, the following options can be used.

esitaja = uses the numeric ID of the "get_artist" query page from From, we get

{{Christgau arvustus|A-|artist=176}}

...which returns

Viga näitab Mall:Review-Christgau: Parameeter album või esitaja või nimi või cgurl ei ole määratud.Robert Christgau (A-) [[[Mall:Review-Christgau]] on vigane: Invalid CG citation. link]

Artist pages using this ID can be found via the Consumer Guide table of contents at

nimi = uses the name string for an artist at From, we get

{{Christgau arvustus|A-|nimi=Bonnie+Raitt}}

...which returns

Robert Christgau (A-) link

These are not preferred because the search method on may not be as stable as the record IDs for albums and artists. The webmaster for advises that accessing pages by name "can run into some confusion (not many) and is slower."

cgurl – use the entire URL, including http://. This is only for Consumer Guide sites not on, such as MSN Music or Village Voice. (This is not for non-Consumer Guide reviews.)


...which returns

Robert Christgau (A-) link

Optional parametersRedigeeri

arvustus = For expanded versions of Consumer Guide reviews, such as:

  • contemporary Village Voice music section reviews outside Consumer Guide
  • long-form reviews in Rolling Stone.
  • audio reviews for NPR. These are only acceptable if no print or online source can be found. Link the host page, not the audio file.

Usually these will be longer than CG capsule reviews. Most of these can be found on (or linked from) .

When arvustus is included, the Consumer Guide rating citation link is renamed "reiting".

When arvustus is not included, the Consumer Guide rating citation link provides the review.