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I, paul klenk en:?! of New York City, hereby grant this Babel Barnstar for Translation to [name of translator] for graciously translating my user page at et:wiki from English into Estonian.


Translated from English by (~~~~)

My name is Paul Klenk, and I live in New York City. I wish to establish relationships in the world-wide Wikipedia community. I have user pages in the 30 largest non-English wikis, all with the same user name. I created them for the purpose of collaboration (see below), and to maintain and protect one identity across all of Wikipedia:

One of the articles I have written is New York's Village Halloween Parade (Estonian title: New York's Village Halloween Parade). I am the sole author of this article, and hope you enjoy it. It has been translated into Hungarian and I would love to see it translated into other languages.

Goals of collaborationRedigeeri

If you would like to collaborate, contact me and we can talk about your idea. I have advanced skills in editing, researching, sourcing and fact-checking. I am happy to assist in proofreading English translations and polishing language, syntax and punctuation. I can also help you navigate the English wiki and find the resources and information you need there. I realize you are a small community here; we have many resources that can benefit you.

Perhaps you have some ideas I have not thought of. If you can think of anything I can do to help you, please contact me.

How to contact meRedigeeri

I am fluent only in English, and speak no Estonian.

At the moment, I do not often check the Estonian site for messages. Contact me at my English talk page, or by private e-mail. If you and I decide to work on a project or problem together, we can use my Estonian discussion page, and I will check it often until the project is complete.

When you visit my user page, please let me know which language site you are from.

I look forward to hearing from you!

paul klenk en:?! 7. oktoober 2005, kell 06.22 (UTC)

Translation desiredRedigeeri

Would you like to translate this page into Estonian? I would be very grateful if you did! If so, please sign your name (~~~~) as translator. Use the same format, and leave the Estonian section above the English section. Stop by my English talk page to introduce yourself so I can award you a barnstar! I am happy to help you if you have any questions while translating. (You do not need to translate this section.)

I am happy to return the favor by helping you bring an article from the Estonian Wikipedia to the English Wikipedia. Do you have a favorite article which you have authored, or know of an article about your country or culture that would interest or delight English readers? If so, make sure it is not already on the English Wikipedia before beginning to translate it. Although I cannot read your language, I can help make the final English version absolutely perfect by helping you with word choice, syntax, punctuation, grammar, and style.

Important pages on the Estonian Wikipedia

  • Where to report vandalism: [insert link here]
  • List of administrators: [insert link here]
  • Village pump or help desk: [insert link here]