Erinevus lehekülje "Vikipeedia:Üldine arutelu" redaktsioonide vahel

:I don't think that this image is free. And this building should be authored by [[Edgar Johan Kuusik]] (1888–1974), so that should not be free anyway (no matter who is the photographer). [[Kasutaja:Kruusamägi|Ivo]] ([[Kasutaja arutelu:Kruusamägi|arutelu]]) 7. mai 2021, kell 02:21 (EEST)
:: The images is from Eesti Filmiarhiiv. They keep mostly movies, images they have are from private collections. That would mean it was not created in execution of duties of employment. Or rather, it might have been done in this way, but the paper he worked for did not need that image. That would put the free use into a distant future (2061.- [[Kasutaja:Melilac|Melilac]] ([[Kasutaja arutelu:Melilac|arutelu]]) 7. mai 2021, kell 07:49 (EEST)
*The image is non-free, in part, because the depicted work of architecture is non-free, per information by User:Kruusimägi. Estonia, AFAIK, does not have such an extension of works entering the Public Domain, if they were made by a serving military officer (as an image would in the United States, for example), which the ''execution of duties of employment'' correlates to. The building itself as a work of architecture will enter Public Domain in 2045. -<span style="text-shadow:7px 5px 7px #409fff;">[[Kasutaja:Mardus|Mardus]] <small>/[[Kasutaja arutelu:Mardus|<span style="color:black">arutelu</span>]]</small></span> 8. mai 2021, kell 08:11 (EEST)