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== Polish-Estonian diplomatic relations at the eve of World War II ==
By the spring of 1939, Germany's demands on Poland had become intense and relations between the two countries were in a critical situation. The Estonian Embassy in Poland sent confidential documents to the [[:en:Minister of Foreign Affairs (Estonia)|Estonian Foreign Minister]] mostly consisting descriptive information.
While on 30 March the Estonian ambassadors are speaking about the reduction of political tensions and German invasion was considered almost impossible, the situation soon became alarming. In the spring of 1939, obtaining information and its reliability became a big problem for Estonian ambassadors in Poland. The letters sent to the Estonian Foreign Minister reflected the confusion, information blockade and rumors. A lot of information is obtained from the third parties of dubious value, and the secrecy of Polish colleagues is often considered to be an issue. This was caused by the fact that Latvia and Estonia, which were both considered to be important partners for Poland, started various cooperation projects with Germany. For example, Tomasz Arciszewski, an assistant to the Polish Foreign Minister at the time, said: “Latvians go from one extreme to another, first cooperating too much with the Soviet Union and now with the Germans. By now, they are already completely swimming in German water. ”(20) The Polish government was equally alarmed by Estonia's behavior. It was thought that Estonia's relations with Germany and Russia had gone much further than the policy of neutrality of the Baltic States should go. Tensions persisted until the outbreak of war on September 1, 1939. Poland believed in the full support of Estonia and Latvia, hoping that if their relations with Germany went critical, the two Baltic states mentioned above would also take the steps against Germans. Contrary to expectations, Latvia and Estonia increased cooperation with Germany. (55)
When the war began, most of the employees of the Estonian embassy fled to their homeland. The secret archive “Schmidt” (60) was destroyed at the Warsaw Estonian embassy, and the employees of the Estonian embassy in Poland gave regular reports of the war and situation.
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