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== Cars and diplomatic relations between Poland and Estonia ==
[[File:Autod.jpg|thumb|Estonian Head of State [[:en:Otto Strandman|Otto Strandman]] and President of Poland [[:en:Ignacy Mościcki|Ignacy Mościcki]] on August 10, 1930 on Viru Street on the way from the port to Kadriorg. From Pelle-Sten Viiburgi collection]]
It is worth reflecting interesting facts about Polish-Estonian diplomatic relations, which were related to cars. At the beginning of the 20th century, cars began to gain more and more popularity, but they were rarely seen on the roads of the newly created Republic of Estonia. Cars were pricey and expensive to maintain. Besides, they were not particularly taken into account by the infrastructure at the time. Nevertheless, cars were essential elements of representation, thus being important assets of every country at the time. The newly formed Estonian Republic bought some vehicles already in the early 1920s. Representative cars were important both for diplomatic receptions and to show the capability of the country. As there was no permanent need to purchase new vehicles, the State[[:en:Riigikantselei|Government ChancelleryOffice]] purchased representative cars only for special occasions. In 1929, representative car Cadillac Touring was bought with 15,000 kroons. The reason for its purchase was the visit of King Gustav[[:en:Gustaf V|Gustaf V]] of Sweden to Tallinn in June of the same year. In 1930, a modern [[:en:Mercedes-Benz W08|Mercedes-Benz Nürburg]] (Pullman limousine) was bought for the Estonian president. As Mercedes-Benz manufactured its cars in Europe, they were able to offer very competitive prices to more popular American cars at the time. The Estonia state paid 11090 kroons for the brand new Mercedes. The car was bought to host the President of Poland, Ignacy MoscickiMościcki, who arrived in Estonia on August 10, 1930. The event was organized with the utmost care, including decorating the streets and preparing the army. The visit attracted lots of people to the streets to watch the whole parade that flowed through the Old Town of Tallinn. [[File:Autod.jpg|thumb|Estonianen:Tallinn HeadOld ofTown|Old State O. Strandman and PresidentTown of Poland I. Moscicki on August 10, 1930 on Viru Street on the way from the port to Kadriorg. From Pelle-Sten Viiburgi collectionTallinn]].
=== References: ===
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