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«Iga» mooduli vahendus-palve
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(«Iga» mooduli vahendus-palve)
: {{ping|EpochFail}} I have been away from Wikipedia editing for about a year and therefore my observations are somewhat limited. I don't recall myself using ORES filters outside Special:RecentChanges view. It took some time for me to get used to the new filters interface. By now it's familiar, I have a general understanding of how to achieve what I want to achieve. I rarely use filtering here, as this is a small wiki, the amount of recent changes is low, there's not much to filter. Color highlighting damaging edits in recent changes works very well, and is very useful in reducing the amount of time/effort it takes to catch damaging/bad faith edits. Having the option to load the latest changes since the last refresh without reloading the whole web page is nice. Not sure if this came as part of the new filters 'package' though. The only issue that I would like to point out is that since the script is Javascript-based, it causes a short lag after the browser has downloaded the page and is preparing to display it. But this is to be expected and one can live with it. [[Kasutaja:Cumbril|Cumbril]] ([[Kasutaja arutelu:Cumbril|arutelu]]) 16. jaanuar 2020, kell 15:03 (EET)
:: I'm glad to hear that the ORES filters (damaging/goodfaith) are working for you and they are helpful. Please keep me in mind if you notice any issues. I'm very happy to work on improvement if you see any consistent types of mistakes. --[[Kasutaja:EpochFail|EpochFail]] ([[Kasutaja arutelu:EpochFail|arutelu]]) 18. jaanuar 2020, kell 00:09 (EET)
== Palve ==
Ehk leiad tahtmist, aega, oskusi jms [[Moodul:Age|mooduli «Iga»]] tõlkimiseks, ehk siis sõnaühikutele aasta/kuu/nädal/päev/tund/sekund mitmuse sõnalõppude lisamiseks (proovikohana vt nt [[Kasutaja arutelu:Pietadè/Mall:Seeds]]).[[Kasutaja:Pietadè|✅ Pietadè]] ([[Kasutaja arutelu:Pietadè|arutelu]]) 14. veebruar 2020, kell 14:09 (EET)