Talis Bachmanni publikatsioonide loend: erinevus redaktsioonide vahel

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*Tulviste, J., Goldberg, E., Podell, K., Vaht, M., Harro, J., & Bachmann, T. (2019). BDNF polymorphism in non-veridical decision making and differential effects of rTMS. ''Behavioural Brain Research'', 364, 177-182.
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*Bachmann, T. (2019). The first. In A. Realo (Ed.), ''In praise of an inquisitive mind. A Festschrift in honor of Jüri Allik on the occasion of his 70th birthday''. (pp. 29-38.) Tartu: University of Tartu Press. <nowiki>ISBN 978-9949-77-997-0</nowiki>.
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