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Palun kustutage https://et.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ilmatsalu_P%C3%B5hikooli_9._klass ajalugu ära, kui on võimalik. Aitäh!
== Viktor Meister ==
Good night,
I created the English article for Viktor Meister so that in this way we can add to the list of Deaths in 2018 in English, page that annually visit almost a million people, or more, according to wikipedia data. But this I will not be able to do if I do not find the news that allows to prove that he has died, because it is a requirement to be on this list. Have you identified the possible source online?
Thank you very much. ([[User talk:Alsoriano97|Talk]] [[Special:Contribs/Alsoriano97|Contribs]])</sup> 21:37, 10 August 2018 (UTC)