Camila (album): erinevus redaktsioonide vahel

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Resümee puudub
"'''Camila'''" on USA laulja [[Camila Cabello]] 2018. aastal ilmuv debüüt-stuudioalbum sooloartistina. Album sisaldab singlid "[[Crying in the Club]]", "[[I Have Questions]]", "[[OMG]]", "[[Havana (Camila Cabello laul)|Havana]]", "[[Never Be the Same]]", "[[Real Friends]]", "[[Something's Gotta Give]]", "[[Consequences]]", "[[Inside Out]]", "[[Into It]]", "[[She Loves Control]]", "[[In the Dark|In the Dark (Camila Cabello laul)|In the Dark]]" ja "[[All These Years]]".