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Why are you doing things that aren't necessary and could be done by a robot? It makes very hard to try to follow the recent changes.
:Hello, I only did 18 edits and stoped not wanting to flood the recent changes. All of them where done manually. As you can read at [[mw:Parsing/Replacing_Tidy]], a link I provided in the summary, the changes ''are'' necessary. All pages that need to be fixed are in [[Kategooria:Vigaste endassesuletud HTML-siltidega leheküljed]]. I intent to fix them all, but not at once, and not in one day. If there are concerns about this, I will of course stop. [[Kasutaja:Ah3kal|Ah3kal]] ([[Kasutaja arutelu:Ah3kal|arutelu]]) 15. veebruar 2017, kell 09:02 (EET)