resümee puudub
PResümee puudub
PResümee puudub
*Fr. R. Kreutzwald, ''[[Kalevipoeg]]'', my copy was published in 1992 by A/s "Roto" (ERB: [http://erb.nlib.ee/index.php?10625677 10625677]) and has engravings by [[Hando Mugasto]] (1907-1937), so the copyright expires on December 31, 2007
*[[Karl August Hermann]], ''Eesti Üleüldise teaduse raamat ehk encyklopädia konversationi-lexikon'', only two volumes (1903, 1906) were published before Hermann died in 1909.
*''[[Eesti Entsüklopeedia]]'', (8 volumes, 1932-1937), [[s:Eesti Entsüklopeedia (1932–1937)|on Wikisource]]
*The books digitized at [http://www.tarkvarastuudio.ee/grafo/ Grafo] could need some OCR
*Books in Võro, the southern version of Estonian, would also be of interest.