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→‎Minority Translate: камэнтар
(→‎Minority Translate: камэнтар)
(→‎Minority Translate: камэнтар)
:: The program should create a folder somewhere in your documents, user root or use the mtdata folder instead. You can manually place [ wikis.json] there. This should get the program running until I fix this bug. If there is already a wikis.json there then please send me it. Thanks for [ reporting]! [[Kasutaja:Usinväikebotikene|Usinväikebotikene]] ([[Kasutaja arutelu:Usinväikebotikene|arutelu]]) 1. aprill 2015, kell 10:53 (EEST)
::: Here is [ the log]. --[[Kasutaja:Renessaince|Renessaince]] ([[Kasutaja arutelu:Renessaince|arutelu]]) 1. aprill 2015, kell 11:31 (EEST)
::: [ The next log], after successful start, but unsuccessful source article adding. The program just tells «Queuing» for some time at the right bottom corner, then it dissappears, but both windows are still empty. --[[Kasutaja:Renessaince|Renessaince]] ([[Kasutaja arutelu:Renessaince|arutelu]]) 1. aprill 2015, kell 13:39 (EEST)