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→‎Minority Translate: камэнтар
(→‎Minority Translate: камэнтар)
:: One would assume a Java application works the same on all systems... Basically what happens here is that the program tries to download language information from the wiki and fails for some reason. Can you send me the log file?
:: The program should create a folder somewhere in your documents, user root or use the mtdata folder instead. You can manually place [ wikis.json] there. This should get the program running until I fix this bug. If there is already a wikis.json there then please send me it. Thanks for [ reporting]! [[Kasutaja:Usinväikebotikene|Usinväikebotikene]] ([[Kasutaja arutelu:Usinväikebotikene|arutelu]]) 1. aprill 2015, kell 10:53 (EEST)
::: Here is [ the log]. --[[Kasutaja:Renessaince|Renessaince]] ([[Kasutaja arutelu:Renessaince|arutelu]]) 1. aprill 2015, kell 11:31 (EEST)