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Ma jätsin [[Kalle Kasemaa]] artiklisse Kavvadiase ilma diakriitikuteta, sest raamatus on nii.--[[Kasutaja:Morel|Morel]] ([[Kasutaja arutelu:Morel|arutelu]]) 4. august 2013, kell 12:47 (EEST)
:Ok! --Mona 4. august 2013, kell 12:51 (EEST)
== Monuments of Spain Challenge ==
Hi! First of all, thank you for participating. It's great to have you editing Spanish monuments! But I need a bit of help from you. I would like to know how you knew about the Challenge. I left messages in many Wikipedias (exactly 145) and each one has a different point of contact. So I'm trying to learn and improve the system for the future.
Thanks a lot!