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Hi I could I recreate [[Mall:Infobox OS version]] reason because it could be used for operating system such as windows 8 or windows 7 or another expample could be Mac OS X 10.6 and infobox os is for Microsoft windows or Mac OS X [[Eri:Kaastöö/|]] 22. veebruar 2013, kell 23:37 (EET)
:I'm not saying the template is not useful, but the way you're doing it leaves a mess, so please don't.--[[Kasutaja:Morel|Morel]] ([[Kasutaja arutelu:Morel|arutelu]]) 22. veebruar 2013, kell 23:40 (EET)
::ok could I put the codes here I will translate the words from English to the languge here iPad you can check to see if it correct [[Eri:Kaastöö/|]] 22. veebruar 2013, kell 23:41 (EET)
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