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:: --[[Kasutaja:Renessaince|Renessaince]] ([[Kasutaja arutelu:Renessaince|arutelu]]) 30. oktoober 2012, kell 14:22 (EET)
::: Bilberry... ''knödel''?! I might have believed if you'd said it's Czech or Austrian cuisine. Estonian? Maybe after a hundred years. (BTW, ''knödel'' should be pretty much ''klimp'' - plural ''klimbid'' - in Estonian. Well-known, but not very much loved these days.) --[[Kasutaja:Oop|Oop]] ([[Kasutaja arutelu:Oop|arutelu]]) 30. oktoober 2012, kell 17:58 (EET)
:::: Yes, these [ pastries added at the end of the boiling], I referred them as ''knödel'' because I don't know how you name it in Estonian, probably ''klimbid''.
:::: OK, another question. I recently uploaded [[August Kitzberg]]'s monument photos in [[Karksi-Nuia]], but now I'm afraid they were not presented at Commons earlier because of possible copyright protection. Do you have freedom of panorama in Estonia? --[[Kasutaja:Renessaince|Renessaince]] ([[Kasutaja arutelu:Renessaince|arutelu]]) 31. oktoober 2012, kell 11:10 (EET)