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:See on juba tehtud. --[[Kasutaja:Jaan513|Jaan513]] 6. august 2008, kell 16:45 (UTC)
== MediaWiki translations ==
Hello Jaan513. You are doing some translations here in the MediaWiki namespace. These translations can only be used on this wiki, locally. Therefore I would like to invite you to translate at [[betawiki:|Betawiki]]. If you translate there, your translations can be used on all websites using this software, including [[Special:SiteMatrix|all WMF wikis]] (see [[betawiki:Translating:Why use Betawiki|here]] for more info). If you are interested, please [[betawiki:Special:Userlogin|create an account]] and [[betawiki:Betawiki:Translator|ask for translator status]] (btw, if you don't like the skin, you can change it in [[betawiki:Special:Preferences|your preferences]]). Thank you in advance, [[Kasutaja:SPQRobin|SPQRobin]] 29. august 2008, kell 15:12 (UTC)