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'''William Claude Rains''' ([[10. november]] [[1889]] [[London]], [[Inglismaa]] – [[30. mai]] [[1967]] [[Laconia]], [[New Hampshire]]) oli [[inglased|inglise]] päritolu [[USA]] lava- ja filminäitleja, enim tuntud peaosalisena filmidest "[[Nähtamatu mees (film)|Nähtamatu mees]]" ("The Invisible Man"; 1933) ja "[[Phantom of the Opera]]" (1943).
*"[[Build Thy House]]" (1920)
*"[[Nähtamatu mees]]" (''"The Invisible Man"''; 1933)
*"[[The Clairvoyant]]" (1934)
*"[[Crime Without Passion]]" (Lee Gentry; 1934)
*"[[The Man Who Reclaimed His Head]]" (Paul Verin; 1934)
*"[[The Last Outpost]]" (1935)
*"[[The Mystery of Edwin Drood]]" (John Jasper; 1935)
*"[[Hearts Divided]]" (1936)
*"[[Anthony Adverse]]" (Marquis Don Luis; 1936)
*"[[Stolen Holiday]]" (1937)
*"[[The Prince and the Pauper]]" (Earl of Hertford; 1937)
*"[[They Won't Forget]]" (Dist. Atty. Andrew J. "Andy" Griffin; 1937)
*"[[White Banners]]" (1938)
*"[[Gold Is Where You Find It]]" (kolonel Christopher "Chris" Ferris; 1938)
*"[[The Adventures of Robin Hood]]" (prints John; 1938)
*"[[Four Daughters]]" (Adam Lemp; 1938)
*"[[They Made Me a Criminal]]" (1939)
*"[[Juarez]]" (imperaator Louis Napoleon III; 1939)
*"[[Sons of Liberty]]" (Haym Salomon; 1939)
*"[[Daughters Courageous]]" (Jim Masters; 1939)
*"[[Mr. Smith Goes to Washington]]" (Sen. Joseph Harrison Paine; 1939)
*"[[Four Wives]]" (Adam Lemp; 1939)
*"[[Saturday's Children]]" (1940)
*"[[The Sea Hawk]]" (Don José Alvarez de Cordoba; 1940)
*"[[Lady with Red Hair]]" (David Belasco; 1940)
*"[[Four Mothers]]" (1941)
*"[[Here Comes Mr. Jordan]]" (hr Jordan; 1941)
*"[[The Wolf Man]]" (Sir John Talbot; 1941)
*"[[King's Row]]" (1942)
*"[[Moontide]]" (Nutsy; 1942)
*"[[Now, Voyager]]'' (dr Jaquith; 1942)
*"[[Casablanca]]" (kapten Louis Renault; 1942)
*"[[Forever and a Day]]" (1943)
*"[[Phantom of the Opera]]" (Erique Claudin, ooperifantoom; 1943)
*"[[Passage to Marseille]]" (1944)
*"[[Mr. Skeffington]]" (Job Skeffington; 1944)
*"[[Strange Holiday]]" (1945)
*"[[This Love of Ours]]" (Joseph Targel; 1945)
*"[[Caesar and Cleopatra]]" (Julius Caesar; 1945)
*"[[Notorious]]" (1946)
*"[[Angel on My Shoulder]]" (Nick; 1946)
*"[[Deception]]" (Alexander Hollenius; 1946)
*"[[The Unsuspected]]" (1947)
*"[[The Passionate Friends]]" (1949)
*"[[Rope of Sand]]" (Arthur "Fred" Martingale; 1949)
*"[[Song of Surrender]]" (Elisha Hunt; 1949)
*"[[The White Tower]]" (1950)
*"[[Where Danger Lives]]" (Frederick Lannington; 1950)
*"[[Sealed Cargo]]" (1951)
*"[[The Man Who Watched the Trains Go By]]" (1953)
*"[[Lisbon]]" (1956)
*"[[The Pied Piper of Hamelin]]" (Hamelini major; telefilm; 1957)
*"[[This Earth Is Mine]]" (1959)
*"[[Shangri-La]]" (The High Lama; telefilm; 1960)
*"[[The Lost World]]" (1960)
*"[[Battle of the Worlds]]" (''"Il Pianeta degli uomini spent"''; 1961)
*"[[The Horseplayer]]" (preester "Alfred Hitchcock Presentsis"; 1961)
*"[[Lawrence of Arabia]]" (1962)
*"[[Twilight of Honor]]" (1963)
*"[[The Greatest Story Ever Told]]" (1965)
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